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It used to be hard to talk to someone about the reality of the resurrection. Someone who was thoroughly dead being brought back to life. But maybe not so much anymore. My wife teaches the little kiddos in Sunday school. She was explaining the resurrection of Jesus to the kids. Knowing my wife, she was pulling out all the stops…passionate expressions, well thought out gestures, and the clear content from the Bible.

As she asked the kids what they thought about the story, one shouted out, “Oh, you mean Jesus was a zombie!” She’d never heard that response before. But, it makes sense because movies graphically tell believable stories about zombies and at the same time label the resurrection as crazy. It gave her an amazing opportunity to tell the true story of Jesus dying for our sins and then being raised to life from the dead.  The reality we live in today is that most people don’t know the stories of the Scriptures.

A young man purchasing a necklace for his girlfriend was asked by the clerk behind the counter, “Do you want one plain or one with a little man on it?” He had no concept of the person of Jesus, let alone His death on the cross. We live in a post-Christian world. That means we need to take time and effort to adequately, carefully, and accurately explain the truths of God’s Word. The future of the church depends on it. Don’t be a zombie.

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