Whining never works

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When you don’t get your own way, what do you do? Do you get angry? Do you pout? Do you get loud? Do you play the “that’s not fair” card? I’m finding that this is not just an issue of childhood adolescence. It’s an issue we all face. The most successful people I know have learned how to negotiate life without getting angry.

Let me ask you this…and please answer honestly. How many times do you REALLY get your own way? You’d like to think you get your way all the time, but the reality is…you don’t and I don’t. Life and relationships have a give and take nature to it. Understanding this can be life changing. Instead of demanding your own way, trying something else.

Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13:5 “Love does not insist on its own way”. This is one of the most striking reminders of what love looks like. Being selfish strikes at the very heart of every single one of us. The word “insist” here means a continuous strong desire that demands “its own way.” Try a different approach. Whining never works anyway…I’ve tried it. Ask my wife!

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