The Truth

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One of my mentors through the years used to say, “Don’t check your brain at the door.” That was his way of saying, “Use your head. Don’t do things arbitrarily.” “Have a reason for everything you do.” I’ve tried to take it to heart, some days are better than others. But, living life on purpose is one great piece of counsel.


In Jesus’ exchange with Pontius Pilate, he clarifies his purpose. He indeed was and is a king and his kingdom is the kingdom of God. He is the King of Truth. He goes further by saying that everything he has done in this world is to demonstrate (bear witness) to the truth. The truth was and is the core of everything Jesus did.


If you’re going to live a life of purpose, do an inventory of your core beliefs. They are the things that will influence your decisions and outline your daily activities. Where are you in your relationship with God? Do you know him? If you do, are you passionate about your relationship with Him?


As a Christ follower, you have a purpose here on earth: to know Jesus and make him known. People who live a life of purpose wake up each morning excited for the day. They put their heart into everything they do and they make a difference, some big and some small.


Lastly, those that live with purpose, appreciate every moment. Living in regret is a miserable place to reside. Dr. Seuss is often credited with this quote. He actually never wrote it, but it is a good bit of advice that fits. “Don’t cry because it’s ending, smile because it happened,”




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