The Rest of the Story

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Paul Harvey was an American radio broadcaster. His program News and Comment reached as many as 24 million people each week. Harvey was best known for his famous The Rest of the Story segments. According to Wikipedia, these segments consisted of stories presented as little-known facts on a variety of subjects. But what kept your attention until the end was this: Harvey would hold back some key, surprising element of the story until the end. As a reader, you’d often find yourself saying, “Whoa! I didn’t see that coming!”

That title, “The Rest of the Story”, would not be a bad way to live out our everyday life. Personally, I jump to conclusions about people all the time…at least in my mind. That’s a bad habit. However, waiting long enough to get “The Rest of the Story”, can be eye-opening. After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, His disciples were scared and discouraged. Some had gone back to their old jobs. But just three days later they learned “The Rest of the Story”, What seemed to be the greatest loss, turned out to be the greatest victory, the Resurrection. So, before you make a judgment before you get all the facts, wait. The Rest of the Story just might get you saying “Whoa!”

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