The Best Seat in the House

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Where is the best seat in the house? I was the chaplain for the Arizona Rattlers Arena football team a few years ago. It was a volunteer position, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I got to hang with these incredible athletes, several who went on to play for the National Football League. One of the “perks” that my family enjoyed was to sit with the wives and girlfriends of the players during the games. They were GREAT seats. Believe me, I felt incredibly special.

The place of honor at a birthday party is always reserved for the birthday boy or girl. Sitting next to a dignitary at a state dinner or next to a celebrity is the PRIZED seat for sure. The best seat in the house at a concert is either the front row or close to the sound booth (the sound mix is better there.)

So what’s with Mary? In Luke 10:39 we read, “She had a sister called Mary, who was seated at the Lord’s feet, listening to His word.” She was just settling to the very best seat in the house. When Jesus was teaching, she sat at his feet. You get a couple of obvious lessons from this. First, it’s as if she didn’t want to miss one word from Jesus. I love the picture, don’t you? If someone was talking to a group and giving the directions to find a hidden stash of money, you’d listen carefully and take notes. If someone had the formula to a cure to cancer, you wouldn’t want ANY distractions, right? God’s Word has that kind of weight. But, often we treat it in a caviler way. Mary didn’t. Secondly, sitting at Jesus’ feet gives us a reminder of humbly accepting what Jesus has to say. In fact, you can’t really learn much from anyone with an attitude of arrogance or “know it all.”

Are you taking advantage of “the best seat in the house?” Open the Bible and start today with “tickets’ for the best seat in the house…at the feet of Jesus.

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