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Parkinson’s Law

My dad had Parkinson’s disease. You may know someone who has it. I’ll save the conversation about the condition for a later blog post. Something with the same name sounds like it might be related…but it’s not. It’s something called “Parkinson’s Law”. What is it? It’s the old adage that work expands to fill the…

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Big picture helps see the little picture

There’s nothing glamorous about travel. It’s the destination that’s the important thing. Right? When I was younger I used to think how awesome it would be to go to all the different airports. Planes coming and going. How cool would that be to have that lifestyle? Boy did I get that wrong. If you travel…

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Navigating the routine

So how do you navigate the “everyday”? The “ordinary”? The “routine”? Here’s a thought. Take the life of Abraham. Some incredible things happened to him and through him in his lifetime. He demonstrates his faith in God by leaving his home and traveling to a land he knew nothing about (the land of Canaan…the promised…

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