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Free! In some ways, the word “free” has got a bad rap. “Free” often accompanies some slick advertising campaign. “Just sign up and you’ll get this free book, magazine, or product.” The problem is that the free thing never lives up to the hype. It’s a free book that you’d never read. It’s a magazine…

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I was out walking with my family today. They brought their 4-month-old Golden Retriever with them. Fun day. One of the things making it so enjoyable was watching this puppy chase a butterfly. It was hilarious. He’d go everywhere the butterfly went and would twist and contort trying to reach it. It never did happen.…

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How Not To Die

I have a book on my desk that I’ve borrowed from my son and daughter-in-law. It’s called “How Not To Die.” Interesting title right? Actually, it’s a book about food. Food that’s good for you and some food…not so much. I got to thinking…” that might not be a bad title for the Bible.” John…

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