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Being Superman

When I was a kid, I did what you did. You pretended to be somebody you’re not. For me, it was Superman. I would get a towel from the closet and some safety pins and I’d pin it to my shirt and run through the house, sometimes down the street with my cape flying. OK.…

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It’s on the lips of just about everyone this summer. Inflation. The name-calling and blame-shifting are at a fever pitch. But, here’s the reality most Americans are feeling. Money just doesn’t go as far as it used to. Some of you reading this update today has had several family meetings trying to figure out how to stretch your…

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Money and leadership

In today’s world you will hear the phrase “follow the money” especially as it relates to politics or corporate decision-making. That expression is a catchphrase came from the 1976  film All the President’s Men, which suggested that political corruption can be exposed by investigating money transfers between parties. Money itself is neutral but it wields enormous power. Ayn Rand once…

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