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Extending forgiveness

There are lots of things that help relationships. Good communication. Clarity concerning roles. Kindness always helps. But I believe the single greatest item in your relational toolbox is forgiveness. You already know what it feels like to receive it. But, are you aware of the power it has in your life when you extend it…

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Purpose in the pain

Sometimes life is just plain hard. People we love get sick. Governments do idiotic things. The news we hear is often negative. Careers don’t always work out. Kids don’t constantly express their love for their parents. Has it ever crossed your mind, “why?” Here’s a thought. Crisis and difficulty in your life have a purpose.…

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Life is hard and most of us realize that. Our culture is driven to make things more convenient. Smartphones, smart speakers, smart everything :-). I’m just thinking, all these conveniences that are smart just might make you dumber. Why is that? Convenient shortcuts (and we all love them) short circuit the process used to grow…

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