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Who you gonna call?

The coronavirus has left all of us vulnerable. What we “thought” we could control, our jobs, our health, our future, we now know what internally we all suspected. We really can’t control anything. We never could, but we would fool ourselves into thinking that we  know it all and could do it all. So as…

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What’s your button?

Everybody’s got a button. You know, that one thing that really sets them off. We often talk in terms of “that guy really knows how to push my buttons.” The Free Dictionary defines this idiom as “drawing a strong emotional reaction from someone, especially anger or frustration. For example, My mother-in-law really knows how to push my buttons.…

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Celebrating with another

Why is it so hard to celebrate the successes of others? It might be because of jealousy. defines jealousy this way: resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, or against another’s success or advantage itself. Jealousy is a normal emotion that just about everyone experiences. But, jealousy can grow into anger…

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