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Fortune cookie effect

I read about something leaders call the “Fortune Cookie Effect”. I have never heard the phrase, but I sure have seen it in operation. So have you.  Simply put, the “Fortune Cookie Effect”  is a prediction that causes itself to become true.  Some call it a self-fulfilling prophecy. You’re the one that makes it come…

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Money and leadership

In today’s world you will hear the phrase “follow the money” especially as it relates to politics or corporate decision-making. That expression is a catchphrase came from the 1976  film All the President’s Men, which suggested that political corruption can be exposed by investigating money transfers between parties. Money itself is neutral but it wields enormous power. Ayn Rand once…

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Contentment = Happiness

What makes you as a leader happy? That’s a pretty wide-open question. I guess it depends on the person. Could it be money? Maybe fame? Perhaps power? If your life and expectations reflect what matters the most to you, chances are you’re fairly happy. When your goals conform to your personal priorities, they bring you a…

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