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Big picture helps see the little picture

There’s nothing glamorous about travel. It’s the destination that’s the important thing. Right? When I was younger I used to think how awesome it would be to go to all the different airports. Planes coming and going. How cool would that be to have that lifestyle? Boy did I get that wrong. If you travel…

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Feeling sorry for yourself

It was inevitable. It was only a matter of time, but I got it. COVID. I’m only a few days into this new journey and so far, so good. For me, a sore throat and some achiness. However, like you, I have friends and acquaintances who haven’t faired as well. It’s Christmas Eve 2020 as…

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DISAPPOINTMENT – Relationships, Personal Health

Have you ever run into a movie aficionado who has practically memorized every line from their favorite movie? Not just the familiar ones…but all of the lines, like they were an understudy? I’m not quite that bad, but when it comes to “The Princess Bride,” I’m pretty close. One great exchange between Inigo Montoya and the Man…

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