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APATHY – Issues of Fear, Relationships

If the opposite of up is down, and the opposite of right is left, then the opposite of love is hate, right? Not so fast. The opposite of love is NOT hate. Why? Because with the word Love, people have feelings and think about another person. And with hate, it is same with different intentions. So the opposite…

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WISE PARENTS – Issue of Parenting, Relationships

There is a name that brings an image to mind. It’s the image of sweaty palms, butterflies in your stomach, a quick trip to the bathroom, an internal conversation that goes something like, “Why would someone do that?” or “you must be out of your mind.” The name is Nik Wallenda. He was born into…

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DISAPPOINTMENT – Relationships, Personal Health

Have you ever run into a movie aficionado who has practically memorized every line from their favorite movie? Not just the familiar ones…but all of the lines, like they were an understudy? I’m not quite that bad, but when it comes to “The Princess Bride,” I’m pretty close. One great exchange between Inigo Montoya and the Man…

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