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It used to be hard to talk to someone about the reality of the resurrection. Someone who was thoroughly dead being brought back to life. But maybe not so much anymore. My wife teaches the little kiddos in Sunday school. She was explaining the resurrection of Jesus to the kids. Knowing my wife, she was…

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I got into a fight today. Fortunately, there wasn’t much blood. In fact, there wasn’t any. Nothing physical ever happened, but it was a fight for sure. It wasn’t loud, unruly, or disruptive, but it still a fight. No other people could see the fight, but it was a fight none the less. What was…

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Know the culture

I was in Montreal Canada this week. What a beautiful city. If you’ve never been there, google the “old city of Montreal” to see some incredible architecture. The streets are much like Europe. The language of Montreal and most of Quebec is French, not English. Here’s what surprised me. Montreal is just a very short…

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