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Leadership never happens in a vacuum

Why are leaders so hard to find? Is that a legit question or is it something people say when they don’t do the hard work of developing leaders in their circles of influence? The answer is “It’s probably both.” On one hand, it’s difficult to find leaders with characteristics like patience, competence, awareness, accountability, dedication,…

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Great athlete, poor coach

Great athletes don’t always make great coaches. It’s one thing to play a sport with excellence. It’s another thing to teach and show someone else how to do it. Wayne Gretzky, known as “The Great One” in hockey circles had major shortcomings as a head coach. Magic Johnson attempted coaching the L.A. Lakers, but was…

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Inspire the Next Generation

Who will inspire the next generation? That’s a great question to ask yourself today. You may be the sort of person who says, “I can’t inspire a rock.” Well, don’t sell yourself short. Like it or not, people are watching you. You may not know they are, but they are. Years ago I was working on…

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