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Reflection time

I just returned from attending the funeral of a friend. He was a courageous Christian friend who, because of his faith in Christ, I will see again one day in heaven. He pastored in an inner-city church. I listened to some incredible stories, many of them I heard personally from my friend. He never passed…

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Get activated!

I received an updated credit card this past week. It came with a sticker attached that read, “THIS CARD CAN NOT BE USED UNTIL ACTIVATED.” I’m certain you’ve had cards with similar instructions. My wife smiled and said this is not a bad warning label for Christ-followers. She’s right. There is a decision of dedication…

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The Rest of the Story

Paul Harvey was an American radio broadcaster. His program News and Comment reached as many as 24 million people each week. Harvey was best known for his famous The Rest of the Story segments. According to Wikipedia, these segments consisted of stories presented as little-known facts on a variety of subjects. But what kept your attention until the end…

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