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Unchecked power

The Godfather was brought to life by Francis Ford Coppola. It was a fascinating case study on how power corrupts. Michael Corleone’s rise and fall is a case in point. His character starts off as an average soldier, and slowly he gets pushed by family business into a merciless murderer with no moral compass. Although…

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What do you know?

How much do you know? I mean, how much knowledge do you have? You may be well educated or you might have gone no further than grade school. You may have received your education from the streets. You may be even smarter than Albert Einstein. But here’s an interesting perspective. It’s not how much you…

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Changed life

Love those who can’t love you back. I think that statement encapsulates the very heart of a changed life. There are many definitions and examples of how Jesus changes our life. A tax collector named Zacchaeus paid people back 4 times what he stole from them. God changed Rahab’s identity from a prostitute to a…

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