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Loving the mundane

Love should be experienced. Let me explain. We can say we love a job. What does that mean? I believe it has to do with the joy you receive from the work you do as well as the passion you have for engaging in it. Without love, life is rather mundane. Jennifer Williamson once said,…

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Where’s Waldo?

There are a couple of quirky things about me. I love puzzles. That’s not unique, But I love old puzzles. In fact, when I was a kid, I would love to solve the “hidden pictures” page in a kid’s publication called “Highlights Magazine.” Later, somebody showed me a “Where’s Waldo” book. Hidden within a picture…

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“Do what you want?”

“Ama et quod vis fac” It’s Latin and it sounds cool. Better is what it means and who said it. In English, it’s “Love, and do what you want!” It was written by Aurelius Augustine (St. Augustine). A casual look at Augustine’s words sounds a lot like a “license.” License to do whatever you want…

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