Praying for Ukraine

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It’s hard to believe what we’re seeing right now. The country of Ukraine is being invaded and the citizens are in peril. Our mission agency, Missions Door, has several missionaries in the country, but you may not know that all of our missionaries are indigenous. In other words, Ukraine is their home and therefore they’re not escaping or leaving. Why? Because they love their country and they love their fellow citizens.

My wife Janet and I have heavy hearts right now for what is happening and it’s likely you do too. But I am reminded of several things from the Scriptures. First, although the New Testament is filled with prayers for many people, few prayers are asking for safety. It’s not that the Apostle Paul and others were not in “harm’s way.” In fact, they lived in danger every hour of most days. But their priorities and concerns were focused differently. Their requests for prayer were for BOLDNESS in the midst of danger and for making the most of OPPORTUNITES that surfaced because of dangerous times. The overarching theme and encouragement so often in Scripture is to FEAR NOT and that God is present in the middle of every circumstance.

So, join me in praying for 1) Great opportunities for our brothers and sisters in the warzone. 2) A great movement of God to transform the human landscape of Ukraine for the cause of Christ and the spread of the Gospel message. 3) Boldness of the Christians who remain in war-torn Ukraine and the growth of the Church. 4) And yes, for the safety of missionaries, their families, and their fellow citizens.

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