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OK. Scary movie time. Remember Jaws and all of its sequels? The shark that did so much damage in those movies was a huge, ferocious great white shark. That shark weighed over 5000 pounds and was over 30 feet long. Was that just a movie? Marine biologists say great white sharks, in their natural habitat, have reached 3500 pounds and 20 feet in length.

They also discovered something fascinating. When a great white shark was raised from a baby in a small aquarium. They discovered that even though a great white shark has the capacity to grow up to 20 ft in length and weigh up to 3500 lbs. – when confined to a small aquarium, it would only reach 12 to 15 inches in length and only weigh 15-20 lbs. They discovered even though it would have reached maturity as far as age is concerned, it would be well short of reaching its full size.

I’m not saying that you have the potential of being a shark, but I am saying that living up to who God wants us to be is a noble goal.

Very few people will ever reach the full potential that God has put inside of them. Most people live average lives. Talents go unused. Most people aren’t aware of the potential God gives to them. Here’s a definition of “potential.” It’s your unused, untapped abilities and talents.

There is a decision that must take place before you start using your hidden potential. You’ve got to decide. You have to make up your mind. Among the things to decide to do according to Miles Munroe, a minister in the Bahamas, is to have a true relationship with God — He’s the source of your potential. Understand that God created you to live by faith and by love. That was part of God’s creative process for you. And you must know your purpose in this world. God has placed us here for a reason greater than just our existence. Potential is also expressed through diligence, working hard. Your potential is a gift. Use it!


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