Patience problems

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It would be fascinating to graph the ups and downs of my life. It certainly would not be a flatline. My graph would be wrought with peaks and valleys. Many of “my valleys” have to do with patience or more accurately, my lack of patience. I just lost it again. My wife encroached on “my time” disrupting “my deadlines” and so I acted out with a boatload of impatience and frustration. Let me clarify, inappropriate frustration. Do you live in my world?

It’s understandable to feel frustrated or upset over minor things at times. Remember that everyone has different levels of patience. Practically, it’s a skill that can be developed with practice. But consider this, God is not overly concerned with my comfort. It seems to me that His concern is with my character development. So how does He build it?

If God wants to teach you to love, He puts you around unlovely people.  If He wants to teach you joy, He puts you in times of tragedy and sadness so you will learn joy.  If the character issue is peace, God puts you around chaos. In other words, the dinner was a disaster, your phone interrupts everything, and your son’s diaper did not hold. You get the idea. God builds patience the same way. Through times of waiting, schedule disruptions, and the demands of others.

Ephesians 2:10 says ” We are God’s workmanship”.   God wants to make a masterpiece out of you.  He wants us to be mature, complete, and not lacking anything. That is a picture of Jesus Christ.  He wants it to be a picture of you. But today, given my impatience, He wants it to be a picture of me. I’d better let you go. I have to go to my wife and ask for forgiveness.

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