Ordinary and Extraordinary

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The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little “extra.” I have found that to be true my whole life. Those that go the extra mile are usually the ones who get the reward at the end. I’ve rarely seen exceptions to that statement. In fact, that has formed my philosophy of hiring new staff.

Among other things, I look for “workaholics” when filling a position. Now before you stop reading in disbelief that I would make such a reckless statement, consider the following. It is always easier to slow a person down than to try to speed them up.  There is quite a large number of lazy people in the hiring pool…unfortunately. Lazy people are often busy people. Activity however does not equal effectiveness.

Being a workaholic is not necessarily a good thing. That person probably has a habit of neglecting other things at the price of getting a job done. But if he or she has a teachable heart and spirit, they could be an amazing part of a team. They can be the “extra” that accomplishes much.

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