Lead like a shepherd

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What happens when leaders don’t lead well? It’s a great question. You can see it all over the place. It doesn’t take great insight to see the results.  Usually, there is a lack of direction, decisions are delayed or avoided, there is little or no motivation for anyone looking to them.

It’s been said, “Everything comes down to leadership.”  I think it’s true. When there is no good leader to direct a team, a department, or an organization, then the following scenarios are inevitable: delayed decisions, conflicts, low morale, reduced productivity, and success is almost always elusive.

But take a look at how leadership is described in the Bible. Referring to David, Psalm 78:72 equates leadership with shepherding. “With upright heart, he shepherded them and guided them with his skillful hand.” A leader is ideally a shepherd of the people he or she is leading. Just like a shepherd cares, protects, and leads the flock, a good leader does the same. What do people see when they look at your leadership? Guiding with a skillful hand or something else?

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