Grace upon grace

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There is an interesting phrase found in John 1:16. “For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace.” What does grace upon grace mean? The Gospel of John was written to reveal the deity of Jesus Christ. The opening chapter strongly declares that Jesus is full of grace and from that fullness of grace, we have received grace and more grace. Christ-followers receive grace and then more grace. The point is that Christ is full of grace, and those who know Him get showered with grace.

I’m so glad that God deals with me according to His grace. It’s that idea that I don’t deserve and never will deserve all that God has for me…especially eternal life.  But, it delights God to bestow grace upon me. And not just me, but everyone who has chosen to follow Jesus. One of those paper towel commercials talks about their product can absorb more than it’s competitor. Their towel is capable to be “super-saturated.”  Because of Jesus, I’m “super-saturated” with His grace.

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