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Life is hard and most of us realize that. Our culture is driven to make things more convenient. Smartphones, smart speakers, smart everything :-). I’m just thinking, all these conveniences that are smart just might make you dumber. Why is that?

Convenient shortcuts (and we all love them) short circuit the process used to grow us and mature us. The cycle of success and failure is exactly what causes us to learn. I can remember turning in a graduate-level paper to a professor that had 23 spelling mistakes. Now that wouldn’t happen nowadays with a spellchecker, right? But spellchecker doesn’t make you smarter. It masks holes in your learning… like your need to read more, which makes you more familiar with words, and improves your spelling.

This is not rocket science. It’s just how we were put together. So next time you’re tempted to completely short circuit this maturing process, think twice. Your short circuit may just leave you short-changed.

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