“Atomic Habits”

Catchy book titles grab my attention. That’s the case with the book Atomic Habits. I discovered one fresh insight that was worth reading the entire book. Here it is: Whether good or bad, habits accumulate. They have a compounding influence I did not think about before.  Positive habits associated with productivity, knowledge, and relationships can…

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I have a favorite season of the year. Spring. I love it for all the “sappy” reasons: trees budding, flowers blooming, life emerging. Sounds like an Emerson poem. My least favorite, don’t hate me, is Autumn. Yes, beautiful leaves are changing, etc. But, for me, it’s a reminder that the cold, the starkness of the…

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A forgotten virtue

There are several virtues that are admired universally. I’m sure you have your list. I’ve got mine. Let’s see if you can identify one of my top values by these examples. A CEO who decides to take a personal pay cut rather than laying off employees. A couple that remains faithful to each other throughout…

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