Some Lessons We've Learned

Over the last 40 years of ministry

Best relationship stuff

By boblehman / August 2, 2022

One of the best relationship verses in the Bible is found in Philippians 2:3. The Apostle Paul writes, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,” If we only applied the first part of the passage (not doing anything with a selfish motive), we’d be miles ahead on…

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The hero in all of us

By boblehman / July 26, 2022

Did you grow up with comic books?  I certainly did along with many of my friends.  I wish I had kept some of those old comics.  Today they can be worth a fortune. I read that a 1938 Superman comic was found in the wall of an old house in Minnesota. It’s valued at $137,000.…

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Generation to generation

By boblehman / July 19, 2022

Christine Caine shared this story at Catalyst West Coast. In the  2000 Olympics in Australia & 2004 Olympics in Athens & 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the 4×400 meter Women’s Relays, the American team should have won each time.  They had the best individual runners and had the best record of any other team.  They lost…

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Famous Last Words

By boblehman / July 12, 2022

I ran across an article on “Famous Last Words.” It wasn’t what I expected. They were all anonymous and pretty funny. Here’s a sample: Cut the red one! Dad, why the apple on my head? He’s probably just hibernating. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty… Hey, it looks sturdy enough to me. Now you know how I…

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The “ripple effect”

By boblehman / July 5, 2022

You never know who you’re going to sit next to at a baseball game. It goes something like this.  You get a ticket, you sit down, and then someone invades your personal space and sits next to you. As you begin to enjoy the game, this guy next to you, usually with a painted face and…

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Being Superman

By boblehman / June 28, 2022

When I was a kid, I did what you did. You pretended to be somebody you’re not. For me, it was Superman. I would get a towel from the closet and some safety pins and I’d pin it to my shirt and run through the house, sometimes down the street with my cape flying. OK.…

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Unchecked power

By boblehman / June 21, 2022

The Godfather was brought to life by Francis Ford Coppola. It was a fascinating case study on how power corrupts. Michael Corleone’s rise and fall is a case in point. His character starts off as an average soldier, and slowly he gets pushed by family business into a merciless murderer with no moral compass. Although…

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By boblehman / June 14, 2022

It’s on the lips of just about everyone this summer. Inflation. The name-calling and blame-shifting are at a fever pitch. But, here’s the reality most Americans are feeling. Money just doesn’t go as far as it used to. Some of you reading this update today has had several family meetings trying to figure out how to stretch your…

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Lead, follow or get out of the way

By boblehman / June 7, 2022

You’ve probably heard the quotation before, “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way. Pretty bold statement. The quote is widely attributed to Thomas Paine but most scholars disagree because the quote doesn’t appear in any of his writings. However, it is attributed to General George S. Patton and the former Chrysler executive Lee Iacocca.…

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What’s the minimum required?

By boblehman / May 31, 2022

Most of us think that in order to make a big impact in our world, we must graduate at the top of our class. Or we must have extraordinary talents. Or we must have a large bank account. Those are great things and they can certainly be used to make a difference for good in…

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Hurt by somebody

By boblehman / May 24, 2022

I’m upset. Things aren’t turning out the way I had hoped for. It’s thrown off my equilibrium. I was put on indefinite hold. As I’m writing this blog, I’m on the phone trying to reason with a computer. Can you relate? Of course, you can. This is the standard operating procedure in our world of…

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When fairness is wrong

By boblehman / May 17, 2022

“That’s not fair!” If you’ve heard that once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, right? On the surface “fairness” sounds noble and right. But if you probe a little deeper, you might change your perspective just a bit. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not opposed to making sure values are applied fairly. But when misused,…

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Loving the mundane

By boblehman / May 10, 2022

Love should be experienced. Let me explain. We can say we love a job. What does that mean? I believe it has to do with the joy you receive from the work you do as well as the passion you have for engaging in it. Without love, life is rather mundane. Jennifer Williamson once said,…

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Respect in the workplace

By boblehman / May 3, 2022

There is a myth floating around some leadership circles. The myth sounds something like this: “Once you’re elevated to a position of leadership, you no longer have anything to do with ‘small’ tasks.” Menial tasks are seen as “below” your new paygrade. It’s just not true. Young leaders can fall into the trap of “disrespect for others.”…

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Sharpen the axe

By boblehman / April 26, 2022

As I write this blog today, I’m watching two guys dig a swimming pool. That’s right. I said, “two people digging a swimming pool.”  In fact, these two people dug the entire pool in an afternoon. This is a big pool and not a little pond. Without sounding too obvious…”How did two men dig a huge…

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By boblehman / April 19, 2022

Life is hard and most of us realize that. Our culture is driven to make things more convenient. Smartphones, smart speakers, smart everything :-). I’m just thinking, all these conveniences that are smart just might make you dumber. Why is that? Convenient shortcuts (and we all love them) short circuit the process used to grow…

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Money and leadership

By boblehman / April 12, 2022

In today’s world you will hear the phrase “follow the money” especially as it relates to politics or corporate decision-making. That expression is a catchphrase came from the 1976  film All the President’s Men, which suggested that political corruption can be exposed by investigating money transfers between parties. Money itself is neutral but it wields enormous power. Ayn Rand once…

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Completely humble and gentle

By boblehman / April 5, 2022

Ephesians 4:2  “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”  The Apostle Paul writing to the church in Ephesus exhorts Christ-followers to “be completely humble and gentle.”  That’s a curious phrase. To be completely “anything” requires a total commitment. You see in reality, I’m sometimes humble and sometimes gentle, except…

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Naive faith

By boblehman / March 29, 2022

I heard an amazing testimony of faith the other day. This extraordinary leader came to believe in Jesus when he was at his absolute lowest point in life. Addicted and broken, he entered into a real relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Things changed…some quickly…some not so much. He grew in his faith…

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Your best investment

By boblehman / March 22, 2022

Proverbs 1:7   “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Today is a simple and short blog. It’s just reiterating what you already know in your heart. Let me quote several to “get it.” Charlie Munger, a Self-made billionaire, and Warren Buffett’s longtime business partner said, “In my…

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Curiosity and leadership

By boblehman / March 15, 2022

My college experience was filled with people who were there for a variety of reasons. They needed the education for a career. They wanted to meet someone…that special someone. They were fulfilling what their parents wanted for them. They wanted a place to excel in their sport…And a thousand more reasons. But it is a…

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Praying for Ukraine

By boblehman / March 8, 2022

It’s hard to believe what we’re seeing right now. The country of Ukraine is being invaded and the citizens are in peril. Our mission agency, Missions Door, has several missionaries in the country, but you may not know that all of our missionaries are indigenous. In other words, Ukraine is their home and therefore they’re…

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God has a plan?

By boblehman / March 1, 2022

God has a plan. If I’ve heard that once, I’ve heard it a hundred times. In fact, I’ve said it myself many times. I believe it. God does have a plan…for everything. The Bible is clear, God is personal and He is in control. Proverbs 19:21 says Many are the plans in the mind of…

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By boblehman / February 22, 2022

Hate is such a strong word. But as strong as it is, we use it indiscriminately. For example, we’ve all used it like this: I hate this restaurant. I hate the weather. I hate my homework. Consider how this can be a problem. The more you say you hate something, the easier it is to tell…

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By boblehman / February 15, 2022

Pain. We avoid it at all costs. Julius Caesar said, “It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.”  The harsh reality is unsettling.  All of us will experience pain at some point in our lives. It comes in many forms…physical…

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By boblehman / February 8, 2022

“Time-sensitive.” Have you ever received a bill, a notice, or an appeal of some sort with those words attached to it? It’s used to describe a product that has to be delivered by a particular time or information that is only useful for a particular period. Now many clever salespeople will use “time-sensitive” to get you…

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By boblehman / February 1, 2022

Years ago the most popular TV sitcom was “Seinfeld.” One of the characters, “George” wants a cool nickname. He wants his friends to call him “T-Bone.” It never catches on with his friends. Instead, they nickname him, “Koko the monkey.” He hates it…obviously! There is a man in the Bible named Joseph, but you probably…

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Leadership and Judging

By boblehman / January 25, 2022

Graceful is not a word that is a common as it used to be. Today we don’t often say, “he or she is graceful” or “give him a little grace.” It’s a little old school. Not only do we not use the word, but we are also a bit reluctant to do the word. To…

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Samurai leadership

By boblehman / January 18, 2022

The Last Samurai is a 2003 American film where Tom Cruise portrays a Captain of a U.S. Army cavalry regiment. He comes into contact with samurai warriors in 19th century Japan. He eventually befriends the leader and earns the respect of the samurai. As he learns the art of wielding a sword, he takes the counsel of a…

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Leadership and loneliness

By boblehman / January 11, 2022

Leadership and loneliness.  You’ve heard it said that those two words go together. It’s “lonely at the top” is a saying you’re familiar with. The reason you know the phrase is because it’s assumed that leaders often have few friends. That is often true, but it doesn’t have to be. Leadership has unique challenges that…

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Helpful Links

Soul Shepherding

When you are busy with your work, family, or ministry it can be hard to fit in caring for your own soul. This can lead to burnout or becoming spiritually stagnant. That doesn’t have to be your story. Soul Shepherding offers resources and training for you and the people you influence to thrive with Jesus. Founders Bill and Kristi Gaultiere are Doctors of Psychology and Spiritual Directors who have developed a distinctive approach to intimacy with Jesus, personal wholeness, and fruitful ministry which they teach in their Institute.
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Beggar’s Daughter

: A ministry dedicated to walking with women who have an addiction to pornography.
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XXXchurch, the largest site online and the most recognized voice on the planet on the issue of pornography, is your resource online to fight porn addiction. XXXchurch uses the web, social media and news media to tell a story often left untold and is committed to help men and women conquer sexual issues like pornography addiction and sex addiction and regain control of their lives.
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Net Nanny

Net Nanny protects families and helps them manage their experiences with digital content. Parents, spouses, guardians, and educators are given visibility and control in managing a child’s online experience.
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Enough is Enough

Enough Is Enough®; (EIE), a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, emerged in 1994 as the national leader on the front lines to make the Internet safer for children and families. Since then, EIE has pioneered efforts to confront online pornography, child pornography, child stalking, sexual predation, and other forms of online victimization. By leveraging its expertise, growing national partnership network, and positive reputation among the public, media, law enforcement, and Internet industry, EIE continues to advance innovative initiatives and effective communication strategies to protect children online.
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Every Man Ministries

With a mission to create a movement of God’s men who are empowered to lead others on a meaningful journey into personal character and leadership, ultimately having a positive impact on generations of women, children and families.
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New Life Spirit Recovery

To educate, equip, treat and deliver Christ-centered solution to struggling addicts and alcoholics and their family members. To take our message and testimony of freedom from addiction through Jesus Christ to the community, church and beyond.
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Freedom in Christ Ministries

The mission of FICM-USA is to resource and equip Christians in America to experience spiritual freedom and spread that freedom to others.
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Helping people by providing practical tools and ongoing training for more effective living.
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PornProof Kids

This internet ministry is the work of Kristen Jenson, mother of three children. Her desire is to help parents inoculate their young children against the destructive and potentially addictive dangers of internet pornography. How? By making it OK to talk about pornography and explaining a little brain science in the process.
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