Some Lessons We've Learned

Over the last 40 years of ministry

Small is the new big

By boblehman / May 30, 2023

“Orange is the new black”. It’s the title of the 7 season TV series that began in 2013. Interesting title. Let me clarify. The ‘orange’ in the title refers to the color of correctional uniforms the female inmates wear. The ‘is the new black’ is a fashion reference, meaning the new hot thing. “60 is the…

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Learned helplessness

By boblehman / May 23, 2023

Helplessness has a few sides to it. There is a “cuteness” to it. We’ll say things like, “Oh look at that poor dog, he looks so helpless.” In those situations, you’re almost compelled to act to help out. There is the side of economic and social loss where someone loses their ability to survive and…

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Wait for the marshmallow

By boblehman / May 16, 2023

When I was a kid, I would have loved participating in a chocolate cake-eating experiment, but there was no such thing. Believe me, I would have found it. However, there actually was a famous marshmallow-eating experiment conducted at Stanford University. Children were tested to see if they could resist eating a marshmallow. If they could…

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Find the surprise

By boblehman / May 9, 2023

Things that surprise us are easier to remember.  I was in high school at a Sadie Hawkins dance. Afterward, I took my date for a drive in my Mom’s car. When we stopped, we were leaning against the car. We both commented about how quiet the desert was that night. All of a sudden, above…

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A friend of mine died today

By boblehman / May 2, 2023

A friend of mine died today. He was working on his roof and fell. It looked bad from the beginning, but he got better and better. But in the middle of his first day of rehabilitation, his heart stopped. His family was devastated. So was I. What do you say to his wife, the love…

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Friendship worth pursuing

By boblehman / April 25, 2023

Friendship…how important is it? Does it fall into the “extra” category. Is it something like, “it’s nice when it happens, but it shouldn’t necessarily be pursued.” Or is it something that has profound implications for our lives? I believe it is the latter. Proverbs 13:20 says “Walk with the wise and become wise. For a companion of fools…

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When you’re sick

By boblehman / April 18, 2023

I’m not feeling very good today. It’s just a cold. No big deal, but when you’re home and out of your regular routine it can be frustrating. There are so many things you’d like to do but you just don’t have the motivation.  So what do you do? First, because of the recent pandemic, it’s…

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What do I need to focus on?

By boblehman / April 11, 2023

With every “smartphone” update, there are new features to try out. My latest update features a way to “focus” your attention on a specific project without distractions. This is really helpful for me given my propensity to wander. But, it reminded me of the importance of figuring out “what do I need to focus on?”…

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Try try again

By boblehman / April 4, 2023

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a hundred times, right? It probably was an encouragement to you when you were in grade school, but how about now? That phrase really doesn’t motivate me much. I’m guessing the same is true for you. But what…

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I’m especially fond of you!

By boblehman / March 28, 2023

“I’m especially fond of you.” That’s a quote from the 2007 novel “The Shack” by William P. Young. The main character is Mackenzie Phillips and four years prior to the setting of the book, one of his children is abducted and killed while on a family camping trip. It turned him bitter at life and…

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Helpful Links

Soul Shepherding

When you are busy with your work, family, or ministry it can be hard to fit in caring for your own soul. This can lead to burnout or becoming spiritually stagnant. That doesn’t have to be your story. Soul Shepherding offers resources and training for you and the people you influence to thrive with Jesus. Founders Bill and Kristi Gaultiere are Doctors of Psychology and Spiritual Directors who have developed a distinctive approach to intimacy with Jesus, personal wholeness, and fruitful ministry which they teach in their Institute.
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Beggar’s Daughter

: A ministry dedicated to walking with women who have an addiction to pornography.
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XXXchurch, the largest site online and the most recognized voice on the planet on the issue of pornography, is your resource online to fight porn addiction. XXXchurch uses the web, social media and news media to tell a story often left untold and is committed to help men and women conquer sexual issues like pornography addiction and sex addiction and regain control of their lives.
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Net Nanny

Net Nanny protects families and helps them manage their experiences with digital content. Parents, spouses, guardians, and educators are given visibility and control in managing a child’s online experience.
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Enough is Enough

Enough Is Enough®; (EIE), a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, emerged in 1994 as the national leader on the front lines to make the Internet safer for children and families. Since then, EIE has pioneered efforts to confront online pornography, child pornography, child stalking, sexual predation, and other forms of online victimization. By leveraging its expertise, growing national partnership network, and positive reputation among the public, media, law enforcement, and Internet industry, EIE continues to advance innovative initiatives and effective communication strategies to protect children online.
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Every Man Ministries

With a mission to create a movement of God’s men who are empowered to lead others on a meaningful journey into personal character and leadership, ultimately having a positive impact on generations of women, children and families.
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New Life Spirit Recovery

To educate, equip, treat and deliver Christ-centered solution to struggling addicts and alcoholics and their family members. To take our message and testimony of freedom from addiction through Jesus Christ to the community, church and beyond.
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Freedom in Christ Ministries

The mission of FICM-USA is to resource and equip Christians in America to experience spiritual freedom and spread that freedom to others.
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Helping people by providing practical tools and ongoing training for more effective living.
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PornProof Kids

This internet ministry is the work of Kristen Jenson, mother of three children. Her desire is to help parents inoculate their young children against the destructive and potentially addictive dangers of internet pornography. How? By making it OK to talk about pornography and explaining a little brain science in the process.
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