Some Lessons We've Learned

Over the last 40 years of ministry

Grieving well

By boblehman / February 20, 2024

Today’s blog has to do with a subject that many of us avoid. It’s the subject of grieving, or maybe better said, “grieving well.” We tend to think of grieving as a major season in our lives. Like the loss of a loved one or a career change. It would certainly include a divorce or…

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Foreign travel

By boblehman / February 13, 2024

I’m getting ready to take a team of people to El Salvador to help a local multiplier (Church planter). There are several things necessary to prepare for such a trip, especially when many have never been out of the United States before. Passports and visas are first, followed by travel insurance, tickets, lodging, state department…

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Waiting for the other shoe to drop

By boblehman / February 6, 2024

I talked with a wonderful friend today. She’s had her fair share of life challenges. Those challenges include breast cancer, abandonment, and some financial struggles. But, she shared today that these past six months have been the best of her life. Then she confessed, “I’m just waiting for ‘the other shoe to drop.’” I understand…

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By boblehman / January 30, 2024

Imelda Marcos was the First Lady of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986. She traveled the world buying expensive shoes. Her name became synonymous for people with large shoe collections because when she fled to Hawaii she left more than 1,000 pairs of shoes and 800 handbags in Malacanang Palace. The exact number she owned…

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By boblehman / January 23, 2024

An important part of each day is a moment of reflection. It is the time to pause and take stock of your day. It is the time to think about what has gone well, and what could be done better. It is a time to acknowledge and appreciate the progress you have made, and a…

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History is Written by Victors

By boblehman / January 16, 2024

“History is Written by Victors.” The quote gets attributed to Winston Churchill, but nobody knows ‘for sure’ who the original author was. It implies that history is not grounded in facts. Instead,  it’s the winners’ interpretation of the facts that prevail. That statement is alarming, but is it true? Clever statements get turned into present-day…

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By boblehman / January 9, 2024

Language fascinates me. It’s my understanding that every language has something called idioms as part of its vocabulary. It’s an expression referring to a group of words with a figurative, non-literal meaning which can’t be understood by looking at its individual words. Here’s an example. Give someone food for thought. Now you understand you are not…

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Make your bed

By boblehman / January 2, 2024

You might have seen the viral video of Admiral William H. McRaven. He delivered the commencement address in May 2014 to the graduates of the University of Texas. He is a retired United States Navy four-star admiral who served as the ninth commander of the United States Special Operations Command. The speech’s theme was this:…

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By boblehman / December 26, 2023

I’m about to make a colossal admission. I don’t particularly like coffee. That’s right! Those of you who know me personally would say, “No way! I see you drinking it all the time.” You would not be wrong, but I drink coffee for other reasons other than the taste of the java.  You see, I…

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A guarantee for a peaceful Christmas

By boblehman / December 19, 2023

Christmas can be difficult…especially the older we get. When we were young, everything was amazing, fresh, and new. There was a wonder surrounding everything. The early traditions of decorating the tree, buying the presents, caroling to neighbors, being at church all have a discovery attached to them. But here’s the reality: As a child, we…

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Patience problems

By boblehman / December 12, 2023

It would be fascinating to graph the ups and downs of my life. It certainly would not be a flatline. My graph would be wrought with peaks and valleys. Many of “my valleys” have to do with patience or more accurately, my lack of patience. I just lost it again. My wife encroached on “my…

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Strengths and Weaknesses

By boblehman / December 5, 2023

Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. This is no great insight. What is interesting to investigate is how we use our strengths and weaknesses in leadership situations. I was taught years ago that it is important to know what you do well, but not to work at making your strengths even stronger. I was taught to…

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The goal of leadership

By boblehman / November 28, 2023

President Ronald Reagan once said, “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” Now that’s a powerful and inspiring statement. It speaks to the core of great leadership. So many of us get our vision clouded by…

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Leadership never happens in a vacuum

By boblehman / November 21, 2023

Why are leaders so hard to find? Is that a legit question or is it something people say when they don’t do the hard work of developing leaders in their circles of influence? The answer is “It’s probably both.” On one hand, it’s difficult to find leaders with characteristics like patience, competence, awareness, accountability, dedication,…

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Dumpster diving

By boblehman / November 14, 2023

I’m sitting in a restaurant looking out the window to a large construction project. There are several enormous dumpsters on the site. It reminds me of an old friend who built an entire storage unit from materials he found “dumpster diving.” For those who are not familiar with the term, let me define it. It’s…

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A forgotten virtue

By boblehman / November 7, 2023

There are several virtues that are admired universally. I’m sure you have your list. I’ve got mine. Let’s see if you can identify one of my top values by these examples. A CEO who decides to take a personal pay cut rather than laying off employees. A couple that remains faithful to each other throughout…

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By boblehman / October 31, 2023

I live in the Southwest. Every summer around July through September, we experience what climatologists call “Monsoon.” Clouds build up in the afternoon and then a powerful wind followed by lightning and torrential rainfall. It can be spectacular. It can be dangerous. So far, this year’s monsoon is more of a “non-soon.” There are lots…

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By boblehman / October 24, 2023

This is a blog post for all of us who have experienced jealousy and envy. Let me set up the scenario. You’re a follower of Jesus. As such, you want to make decisions that are in keeping with the phrase, “What would Jesus do.” So you don’t lie, cheat, or steal. You live life with…

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By boblehman / October 17, 2023

Trust is one of those words we often throw into a conversation when we’re uncertain about the future. It’s a great word. It can mean belief, hope, conviction, expectation, dependence, to depend on, to count on, or to be sure about. you get the idea of the depth of this amazing word. In the New…

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He holds it all together

By boblehman / October 10, 2023

It seems like every week I have a “new” favorite song. I’ll share it with you in a sec. But let me begin this blogpost stating the obvious: “It often dawns on me just how significant music is…for all of us.” I read some notable words from Albert Einstein. “If I were not a physicist,…

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Extending forgiveness

By boblehman / October 3, 2023

There are lots of things that help relationships. Good communication. Clarity concerning roles. Kindness always helps. But I believe the single greatest item in your relational toolbox is forgiveness. You already know what it feels like to receive it. But, are you aware of the power it has in your life when you extend it…

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The value of training

By boblehman / September 26, 2023

1 Timothy 4:8 says “For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” When I came into a vital, personal relationship with Christ, I was heavily involved in collegiate track and field. That verse sounded like it was…

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By boblehman / September 19, 2023

I try to workout regularly. In fact, I haven’t missed a workout in 4 months. Don’t get too excited. My training times are pretty tame. But I’d like to address something that is truly a “game-changer” for me. I would guess that in the past four months there were many days where working out wasn’t…

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Expect the unexpected

By boblehman / September 12, 2023

“Expect the unexpected.” On a surface level, this doesn’t sound like a leadership principle. It’s more of an observation. Life has a way of throwing you curveballs. Nobody “expects” to be in a car accident or to have a global pandemic foisted upon them. But it happens. So where does good leadership fit? Well, consider…

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“One bell”

By boblehman / September 5, 2023

There is an unseen factor that growing businesses and ministries share. The fact is most people ignore it.  People will look at any business or a ministry in my world and say, “Why is it growing?” They attribute growth to this or that, but one of the factors that is most commonly overlooked is unity…particularly,…

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Good leadership requires good preparation

By boblehman / August 29, 2023

“Tomorrow’s unknown crisis is not something to avoid in fear. It requires our attention and deliberation. We just need to have the courage to face the truth of our future’s uncertainty. We just need to be prepared.” That was a quote from Christopher Manske, an author and investment guru. Good leadership requires good preparation. Even the…

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First impressions

By boblehman / August 22, 2023

First impressions are lasting impressions. We understand this when we’re dating. But this principle applies throughout your lifetime. Years ago I took my staff to Disneyland. But, it wasn’t just to have a fun time. I wanted my team to deeply understand “customer service” in a ministry setting. By the way, how we treat people…

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I love my wife

By boblehman / August 15, 2023

I love my wife with all of my heart. She is the most important person in my life, and I cherish her and every moment I spend with her. Cherishing your spouse is a learned skill as well as a needed component of a successful marriage. defines “cherish” as “to treasure, to care for,…

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Parkinson’s Law

By boblehman / August 8, 2023

My dad had Parkinson’s disease. You may know someone who has it. I’ll save the conversation about the condition for a later blog post. Something with the same name sounds like it might be related…but it’s not. It’s something called “Parkinson’s Law”. What is it? It’s the old adage that work expands to fill the…

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Great athlete, poor coach

By boblehman / August 1, 2023

Great athletes don’t always make great coaches. It’s one thing to play a sport with excellence. It’s another thing to teach and show someone else how to do it. Wayne Gretzky, known as “The Great One” in hockey circles had major shortcomings as a head coach. Magic Johnson attempted coaching the L.A. Lakers, but was…

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Helpful Links

Soul Shepherding

When you are busy with your work, family, or ministry it can be hard to fit in caring for your own soul. This can lead to burnout or becoming spiritually stagnant. That doesn’t have to be your story. Soul Shepherding offers resources and training for you and the people you influence to thrive with Jesus. Founders Bill and Kristi Gaultiere are Doctors of Psychology and Spiritual Directors who have developed a distinctive approach to intimacy with Jesus, personal wholeness, and fruitful ministry which they teach in their Institute.
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Beggar’s Daughter

: A ministry dedicated to walking with women who have an addiction to pornography.
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XXXchurch, the largest site online and the most recognized voice on the planet on the issue of pornography, is your resource online to fight porn addiction. XXXchurch uses the web, social media and news media to tell a story often left untold and is committed to help men and women conquer sexual issues like pornography addiction and sex addiction and regain control of their lives.
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Net Nanny

Net Nanny protects families and helps them manage their experiences with digital content. Parents, spouses, guardians, and educators are given visibility and control in managing a child’s online experience.
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Enough is Enough

Enough Is Enough®; (EIE), a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, emerged in 1994 as the national leader on the front lines to make the Internet safer for children and families. Since then, EIE has pioneered efforts to confront online pornography, child pornography, child stalking, sexual predation, and other forms of online victimization. By leveraging its expertise, growing national partnership network, and positive reputation among the public, media, law enforcement, and Internet industry, EIE continues to advance innovative initiatives and effective communication strategies to protect children online.
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Every Man Ministries

With a mission to create a movement of God’s men who are empowered to lead others on a meaningful journey into personal character and leadership, ultimately having a positive impact on generations of women, children and families.
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New Life Spirit Recovery

To educate, equip, treat and deliver Christ-centered solution to struggling addicts and alcoholics and their family members. To take our message and testimony of freedom from addiction through Jesus Christ to the community, church and beyond.
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Freedom in Christ Ministries

The mission of FICM-USA is to resource and equip Christians in America to experience spiritual freedom and spread that freedom to others.
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Helping people by providing practical tools and ongoing training for more effective living.
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PornProof Kids

This internet ministry is the work of Kristen Jenson, mother of three children. Her desire is to help parents inoculate their young children against the destructive and potentially addictive dangers of internet pornography. How? By making it OK to talk about pornography and explaining a little brain science in the process.
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