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I wrote the following couple of paragraphs in 2018, but I thought it might bring comfort considering the “anxiety the coronavirus is bringing.”

Okay. It’s time for some gut-wrenching transparency. I’m afraid and I’ve spent the greater part of my adult life living with fear and anxiety. Does that surprise you… especially when you realize that I’m a pastor of a great church. Where’s the faith baby? Why don’t you apply what you teach? Don’t you believe God can take away your fears? Aren’t there bible verses, in fact, whole chapters that speak to the area of fear? How about this one… there are 365 occurrences in the bible that say “fear not,” so that’s one a day for the year.

What’s the matter with you? DON’T BE AFRAID!  If I really believed, then this would not be a problem in life. Now people are polite and won’t directly say that, but I’ve seen the looks. And I’ve experienced the less than feeling from well-meaning people.

Well, I love God and I’m sold out to Him and His purposes. Sorry to disappoint you, but I still get afraid and I still get anxious. To be sure, we are all uniquely made. My struggles may not be your struggles. I have found that each of us has a unique thumbprint that singles us out, not merely for identification purposes, but characterizes our unique personality and bent toward life.

So what can we do?? Or better, what can I do when fear of the future overwhelms? How do you face legitimate fear?  I don’t mean the kind we just conjure up in our minds.  I mean legitimate fear in this world.  

The simple answer is being willing to lose it all for Jesus Christ.  I’m certainly not there yet, but the more I understanding what Paul said, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain,” the easier it is to face my fears.  If I’m willing to lose it all for Jesus Christ I don’t have to be afraid of anything in this world.  I might be a little nervous about a few things happening to me here but I don’t have to be afraid because no one can take anything from me that’s of any value.  In fact, the more I understand the reality of heaven and the fact that we’re going to be there for eternity the more I realize that any loss in this world is temporary.  

This is something I’m growing in.  I didn’t just decide, I’m not going to be afraid anymore.  It’s a daily thing. So today, right now, choose to lean HEAVILY on Jesus. Decide that Jesus is worth it all. You just might find the strength to face your fears.

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