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I’m always looking for a good read. Recently my daughter suggested I read the book, Irresistible by Adam Alter. My first thought from the title was, “it must be a fascinating book about me.” Just kidding. It was a compelling and convicting book about the seductive nature of technology and social media. I didn’t like the book from the introduction mainly because I saw my own habits written on many of the pages.

The book talks much about what is called “behavioral addiction.” Researchers define this as “an individual cannot help but engage in a passionate activity that must run its course and control the person.” In other words, obsession and compulsion are close relatives of this addiction.

So how does this play out? Technology is awesome, but when it consumes your thinking, your focus, your time, your activities to the detriment of the “more important things of life, it might be time to wave the red flag and consider these words, “Hi my name is Bob Lehman and I’m an addict.”

Obsession with your phone or iPad can suck the life out of you. Relationships tend to become shallow, work moves toward discontentment and productivity goes out the window. Hey, you have your own life to live. I’m just saying, it might be time to do a “tech check.” If you put your social media accounts on hold for a month, would you get the dry heaves? Could you function without your phone for a couple of hours a day? Do an inventory. It just might renew your relationship with those that matter the most to you. It just might bump up your efficiency at work, It may infuse contentment back into your day to day life.

Worried about your pastor? Take the first step today.