A guarantee for a peaceful Christmas

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Christmas can be difficult…especially the older we get. When we were young, everything was amazing, fresh, and new. There was a wonder surrounding everything. The early traditions of decorating the tree, buying the presents, caroling to neighbors, being at church all have a discovery attached to them.

But here’s the reality: As a child, we don’t have a whole lot of bad history. But as we grow older, Christmas gets harder. There are people who used to be part of Christmas, now they’re gone. They’ve died, they’ve moved, they’re now divorced. Many times when people and families do get together, it’s not always perfect. Things get said that shouldn’t have been said. Feelings get hurt. People get resentful.

So, how can we guarantee a peaceful wonderful Christmas? I’m going to suggest a key… If you’ve been devastated by someone, let down by someone, someone lied about you, someone gossiped about you, the first place that we start is we actually pray for them. We don’t pray that something bad would happen to them, we actually start to pray for them. Matthew 5:43 says, “I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” Jesus actually taught this was because it takes a right attitude. A right attitude precedes a right action, right? Make a choice and a great Christmas might just be waiting for you this year.

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