A forgotten virtue

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There are several virtues that are admired universally. I’m sure you have your list. I’ve got mine. Let’s see if you can identify one of my top values by these examples. A CEO who decides to take a personal pay cut rather than laying off employees. A couple that remains faithful to each other throughout their marriage. A buddy who refuses to gossip about things told to him in confidence. A husband who decides to care for his wife through an illness.

Did you guess it? It’s loyalty. I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a dog who faithfully sticks by his master, even when he hasn’t been so nice. Now here’s the rub. Probably all of you reading this would give a thumbs up to loyalty as I’ve framed it in these examples. But, the reality is this. There is a generation, which might include you, where loyalty is admired from afar, but gets relegated to last place when it infringes on “what you want to do or what you’ve decided to do anyway.”

I can’t tell you how many times people have said (in so many words) “I’ve got your back.””You can depend on me.””Count me in.””I’ll be part of your inner circle.””Don’t worry about me, I’m loyal!” Until I’m not!

True loyalty is rarely tested during good times. It’s tested under stress. It’s revealed when it’s difficult for you, your family, your company or your church. It shouldn’t surprise us. In the Bible, Peter made similar statements to Jesus, only to deny Him when it really counted. I may be an optimist, but I believe everyone would like to put loyalty higher on their values list, but maybe you’re afraid. Maybe you want to keep your options open. Maybe you’re concerned you may blow it like Peter. 

Well, consider this. Peter’s value list changed forever when he saw the resurrected Jesus and then allowed the Holy Spirit to change his heart, attitude, and yes his value system. The “Peter” in the Gospels sure looks different from the “Peter” in the book of Acts. So, let me challenge you today. Ask God to so fill you with His Presence that the forgotten virtue of loyalty would move up higher in your life as you move closer to Jesus.

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