117 degrees

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I live in Phoenix, Arizona. We’re in the middle of a heat wave. Now a heat wave in Arizona is different than other places. Currently, it’s 117 degrees outside as I write this blog. That’s crazy heat. That’s dangerous heat. There are warnings all over television and social media. This is life=saving information.  Stay indoors. Drink plenty of water. Avoid outdoor activities. That info should be obvious and should be taken, right?  But, often people “don’t get the memo” and unfortunately suffer the consequences of heat exhaustion, heatstroke, or worse.

The thermometer outside got me thinking, what do people do when the “heat” is on? What do I do? What do you do? We take advice when it refers to the weather. But how about the heat of a difficult confrontation or the heat of a painful relationship or the heat of a deadline at work, or even the subtle heat of temptation? Do you take the wise and life-saving advice of others? 

The Good News version of Psalm 94:19 says, “Whether you or someone you know has many things burdening their soul currently, help them and ask God to help them. A prayer or comforting hand will ease their stress, and in the future, they may return the favor during your time of worry..”

You have the sense to avoid 117 degrees outside. Ask God and ask a trusted friend to help you when you’re facing 117 degrees on the inside…your inside.

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